Endodontist needed in Clermont, FL

Columbia Healthcare - Clermont, FL

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About the POSITION:

Endodontist needed in Clermont, FL

  • They are needing a specialist not a general that enjoys endo.
  • The schedule is Monday – Thursday 7-5 and a half day Friday
  • There are 5 offices that refer to the office with also external offices
  • Has equipment needed and if there is certain items needed we can speak with the regional manager and our procurement team to see what we can do.
  • This is a urgent need as the current endodontist is needing to get a surgery and he shared that if we can get someone soon he would be happy to mentor and transition the new doctor into the office.
  • About the COMP & BENEFITS:

    Flexible with Compensation

    Income Guarantee and percentage of production

    Full Benefits

    Stock Options

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