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Helping connect you with medical professionals and establishments across the country to find the staff and jobs you need.

Permanent Placement Recruitment

We provide permanent placement recruitment, seamlessly linking candidates with employers for advantageous, long-term positions

End-to-End Recruitment & Onboarding Support

We provide comprehensive recruitment services, from sourcing and precision-matching to presentation and interview facilitation. Our suite of services includes travel coordination, negotiation assistance, and comprehensive support for licensure and credentialing. Our commitment extends until the candidate's successful start date and beyond.  

Comprehensive Job Connection Network

Comprehensive Job Connection Network for Healthcare and Dental Professionals.  

We offer healthcare providers and dental professionals complimentary access to a diverse range of job opportunities across the nation. 

Your Healthcare Recruitment Solution

Columbia Healthcare has been at the forefront of healthcare recruitment since 2011. Our expertise lies in understanding the unique needs of both medical facilities and healthcare professionals. We are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that ensure patient care hiring success.

  • Our risk-free approach guarantees satisfaction – you don’t pay unless we find the right fit.
  • With an extensive network of healthcare jobs and a deep knowledge of the industry, we are equipped to handle the challenges of hospital recruitment, nursing recruitment, dentist recruitment, and more.
  • Our mission is to bridge the gap between medical job agencies and healthcare employment, creating a seamless connection that benefits all.
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Physician Assistants
  • Dentists
  • Orthodontists
  • Oral Surgeons
  • Physicians
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists
  • Certified Nurse Midwifes

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Our Process

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  • 1. Contact Us

    Reach out to us with your hiring needs. Our team is ready to assist, whether you are looking to fill a single position or multiple roles across different locations.

  • 2. Define Your Requirements

    We work with you to understand your specific needs in terms of qualifications, experience, and specialty of the candidates.

  • 3. Candidate Sourcing

    Leveraging our extensive network, we source potential candidates that fit your criteria.

  • 4. Candidate Screening

    We pre-screen all candidates, verifying their qualifications and checking references, saving you valuable time.

  • 5. Interview Arrangement

    We coordinate interviews between you and shortlisted candidates.

  • 6. Offer Negotiation

    Once you select a preferred candidate, we assist with negotiations to ensure a successful closure of the recruitment process.

  • 7. Successful Placement

    After the candidate accepts your offer, we remain available for any post-placement support.

  • 1. Connect with Us

    Use our online job search functionality to find the job you are looking for.

  • 2. Discuss Ideal Opportunity

    Speak with Columbia Healthcare about the job and what is to be involved.

  • 3. Job Match

    Once we have completed our initial sessions the recommended jobs will be shown and a job match will be made.

  • 4. First Interview Coordination

    Columbia Healthcare will coordinate the first interview between you and the employer.

  • 5. Site Visit

    Upon successful completion of the interview you will be shown around the facilities.

  • 6. Offer Negotiation

    The offer will be presented and can be accepted.

  • 7. Successful Start

    Upon completion you will start your new job and Columbia Healthcare will remain available to help you.

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Why Choose Columbia Healthcare?

Choosing Columbia Healthcare means choosing a partner with a proven track record of successful placements and satisfied clients. Our industry expertise, adaptable strategies, and extensive network set us apart from other medical professional recruitment agencies. We understand the importance of finding the right match for each role, ensuring not only a successful placement but also a positive impact on patient care. We are committed to providing healthcare HR solutions that are both efficient and effective. Our goal is to be a user-friendly platform for healthcare career opportunities, making it easier for providers to find the perfect job match.

See What Others Say

"Columbia Healthcare has transformed our recruitment process. Their exceptional service and dedication to understanding our unique needs resulted in hiring top-notch medical professionals who are not only skilled but also perfectly align with our hospital's culture. Their efficiency and attention to detail have made them our go-to recruitment partner."
"Columbia Healthcare's approach to recruitment is unmatched. They not only helped me find a permanent position that suited my expertise and interests but also supported me throughout the entire application and negotiation process. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive, and genuinely cares about your success. Thanks to them, I've joined a practice where I can thrive professionally and contribute to a community I care about."
"Transitioning from a clinical to a more specialized role seemed daunting until I partnered with Columbia Healthcare. Their expertise in the healthcare sector and commitment to understanding my career goals led me to a fantastic position in a practice that values my unique skills and offers incredible opportunities for growth. The professionalism and dedication of the Columbia Healthcare team were evident throughout the process."